Why are there political arguments in this forum or any other? Are not all politicians the same? Why even bother debating or writing letters?

The real challenge is to name a politician of either party in any office who is completely honest and never lies, has kept their campaign promises, does not take money or favors from lobbyists, cares more about constituents than their office and who does not repeatedly seek reelection. Oh, and honestly tells exactly what they will do and, more importantly, how they will do it if elected.

The most absurd promise of all: “I will fight for you.”

Particularly suspect are those who seek reelection time after time. The founders never envisioned anyone serving more than a term or two. But it’s how people in congress become millionaires and have health care benefits and a grand retirement income for life.

If a truly honest and caring person with no self-inflated ego or desire for power over others somehow found themselves in any of today’s political offices, they would soon be broke, followed by going absolutely crazy from days of boredom mixed with unimaginable frustration.

The secret to good, more honest government and civil discourse is, of course, to have real term limits, and not just fake ones like in the Arizona legislature where offices are simply traded year after year. But we all know that besides fighting for our donations, every office holder would fight against this happening, more so even than fighting against occasional proposals to limit lobbyists and their money.