Companies provide goods or services to consumers hoping to make a profit. Political entities affect governance by promoting candidates and lobbying politicians to advance an ideology. It is equally appropriate for companies to support candidates and policies as do individuals or groups of citizens. But when corporations use the unique power of their industry to engage in political malfeasance, that is immoral.

Amazon, a highly profitable company which delivers products and sells server space, used its unique business position to disrupt the public square of ideas. By reneging on its contract to supply server access to Parler, it essentially committed corporate murder of an entity which it disagreed with politically. Since when was this part of Amazon’s business model?

Baseball moved the All-Star Game from Atlanta in retribution for a law regarding voting procedures passed by the representatives of the people of Georgia. MLB’s product is entertainment. Their action is purely political extortion.

Google, Facebook and Twitter blocked legitimate and factual news stories leading up to the 2020 election, intentionally disinforming citizens prior to voting. Saying “it was a mistake” after the election is disingenuous. What they all did was immoral.

What can we as citizens do to combat immoral corporate actions? Simple – don’t consume their products. My son works at Amazon. I will not buy another thing on Amazon until they cease being political. I won’t watch an MLB game until baseball stops taking sides in politics. No Coke for me, not flying Delta, no Facebook, Twitter. I use a non-Google browser now.

If 75 million who value freedom, plus their families and friends, did the same corporate America would turn on a dime. Support corporations that stay politically neutral, not ones that extort, block the exchange of ideas, censor inconvenient news and commit corporate sabotage for political ends.