There were a couple of interesting letters published last week. Peter Volny and Linda Goddard both seem to think that the City of Scottsdale is policed by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. In reality, Scottsdale has its own police department.

Mr. Volny asks, “So where was law enforcement...” and Ms. Goddard “...was appalled that our law enforcement did not take any action...” with regard to the rioting and looting of Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.

I would point you to the posting on Scottsdale’s website titled “May 30th, 2020 Downtown Scottsdale Riots and Looting Event Council Debrief.” ( In that report you will learn the actual course of events, including the assistance provided when requested by Scottsdale from MCSO and other police forces.

Yes, I too am “fed up with biased distortions, if not outright lies, from...ill-informed, biased individuals.”