First, I must apologize to myself for going against my self-imposed rule not to write letters to the editor, as they are just a way of talking to myself. However Grzybowski made comments in her interview with The Times in her bid to run for councilmember. Grzybowski makes the suggestion that social workers should be inserted into routine police calls for service. This notion, along with the “defund the police,” has been making the rounds in many cities in this country by the most liberal of the left, who quite frankly don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

Police work is social work in many cases. Police respond to calls for help from those who cannot help themselves, they advise, console, provide first aid, refer and if necessary make arrests. These situations do not fit into the job description of any social worker I have met.

Grzybowski also makes comments on banning the choke hold; has she ever had the hold demonstrated to her? In my 36 years in law enforcement I have had the opportunity to use the hold. While being surrounded by a mob I used the hold on my prisoner to prevent others from grabbing my gun. If I had not done so I wouldn’t be writing today. The hold has its uses in lieu of a more serious outcome.

To all politicians wanting to make statements they know nothing about, please consult with those who have been there, instead of being a lemming to conform with the anarchist left.