It’s been said baseball is America’s great pastime.

As a former Fountain Hills Little League coach and now a Town Councilman, I can say unequivocally that the town is not in the business of harming this pastime. Joseph Grieco wrote last week that the town locked up the fields “and baseball began a slow death in our town.”

I take great exception to this characterization because baseball and FHLL are alive and well in the Hills. Recent tournaments have packed Golden Eagle Park (GEP) on weekends. FHLL is currently conducting practices on our ballfields to prepare for its 2021 season!

Mr. Greico is upset because the town locks random public access to GEP ballfields during times when the fields are not reserved or being used by registered entities such as FHLL. After the disastrous flooding at GEP a few years ago, the town spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore the ballfields and make them safer and better maintained. We want to keep them that way.

Too many people were abusing privileges and allowing their dogs to run on the grassy areas and failing to pick up their messes. Other non-scheduled activities – such as vandalism – were taking place that posed safety and maintenance issues. So, the decision was made to allow access only for organized and scheduled activities on those ballfields.

Baseball fields at Four Peaks Park remain open to the public for non-organized play. The town is working on making many improvements to Four Peaks Park in a fiscally responsible manner. Check out the new playgrounds and basketball court. Hopefully coming this year will be more amenities.

Parks and recreational activities are alive and well here. To insinuate that the town is somehow not supporting FHLL and baseball is simply not true.