It’s interesting to read an opinion in The Times that suggests socialism is somehow the cure for today’s “converging crises.” But I support Mary Nickum, who can exercise her right to voice her opinion freely, as she should. This level of public opinion would not be possible without capitalism.

From climate change to COVID-19 and everything in between, some people are having a hard time coping, it seems. It’s not surprising when some people rely solely on the so-called “media” for education. The media can cause panic due to the increasing insertion of political opinion and propaganda while calling it “news.” This leads some to do what they normally won’t do, such as calling for socialism.

For an example, the media has reported the “milestone” of 500,000 “confirmed” U.S. deaths caused by COVID-19. They usually don’t mention that the totality of that number includes unconfirmed reports, according to the CDC, and most of them died of additional underlying causes (94 percent). This information is available directly from the same source the media gets it, The CDC!

Not to say these things do not exist or should not be taken seriously, but consider this unfair comparison to make my point clear; that the number of people who died as listed on their death certificate from COVID-19 as the only cause is around the same amount of people who died from the seasonal flu. When you put it into perspective, you realize that the birds still sing when the sun rises and things are not as bad as it may seem. Any perceived crisis can be easily overcome with the innovation, competition, determination and freedom that capitalism brings, as it always has.