The other day I heard something that I couldn’t believe would be said in the United State of America, let alone Fountain Hills.

I was in a public place when I overheard someone say, “There isn’t a single Democratic candidate worth anything and they all should be taken out in the desert, have gasoline poured on them and set afire!”

My concern is not with his politics, because that is the great thing about the U.S. of A.; we are given the privilege of voting as we choose. My concern for him is energetically and physiologically as a result of spewing such hatred. There is a very old and appropriate saying, “Holding on to hatred is like drinking a glass of poison and waiting for the other person to die.” There is so much hate in the world, but I did not think it existed here.

Life became so much easier for me when I realized that life is a binary system and that I have the choice of extending love or projecting fear. Fortunately, I believe that more people have love in the core of their hearts.

I am sure that if I really met him, I would find him to be a good person who is educated; probably served his country in the military and has provided well for his family. My wish for him is peace, not hatred.