Well, Daybreak was brutally beaten and the four-year term for our mayor narrowly so. I understand the Daybreak loss but have no understanding of why so many were against a four-year term for the mayor. It would allow time to plan and implement programs and needed changes, plus make the mayor eligible for area-wide group boards, which allows greater exposure for the town.

I do not know why there is so much town government bashing on social media, usually based on false assumptions or sheer lack of knowledge. I strongly support voicing one’s opinions but also believe in offering specifics to substantiate a position. Recently there was a posting wanting to know why the council was tearing up perfectly good streets. Everything is the fault of the council, “vote them all out” is all you see and hear.

I will say that we have the best and most equitable council, with a mayor dedicated to the town’s best interests, that I have witnessed in my 27 years here. We should also be thankful for the job Grady Miller has done as town manager. His magic has kept the town’s doors open.

It is past time for all residents to take the time to learn how the town must handle its money, as mandated by state law. Understand why the town needs reliable revenue. Gain an understanding that if you want amenities, then we need enough people to attract business and investors. Know that those people will need housing they can afford. You want more things like the civic center, library, ball parks, dog parks and a community swimming pool? Then be willing to pay for them with your tax dollars.