When someone writes a letter to the editor proclaiming, “my concern is not with his politics,” you can bet the farm it’s just the opposite. When this same letter is supposedly based on a private conversation of a political nature that was “overheard,” you should be extremely suspicious of its veracity.

Harry Hover, in his Aug. 28 letter printed in The Times, is the letter I’m responding to. In his letter, Mr. Hover laments how this overheard conversation so upset him he was actually “concerned” for the health of the person being overheard. He attempts to demonize his fellow Fountain Hills resident by stating he was spewing “hatred” towards Democratic candidates for president.

I would hope that Mr. Hover’s heartfelt concern for the health of those spewing political hatred extends to the nightly broadcast on MSNBC and CNN. Their hatred can actually be heard, recorded and verified without eavesdropping. It can be heard each and every night, not just once from an unknown person in an unspecified location.