So, Donald has COVID-19. I’m sure he was more surprised than the scientists. We will never know the truth about when Donald received his first positive test result. He did know Thursday morning that his very close advisor, Hope Hicks, had the virus. We know he had symptoms on Thursday. We know he should not have traveled to New Jersey to ask for money from his well-heeled donors. How many of them are vulnerable? How many would have paid extra to opt out of being exposed?

Donald received treatments which are certainly not available to you and me. He almost immediately became the star of his own reality show by insisting his Secret Service detail risk their health to take him for a joy ride around the hospital. Then, it took him three “takes” to get the footage he wanted of his triumphant return to the White House. Now he announces he is going to do an in-person, up close campaign rally on Saturday. Along with millions of Americans, I am outraged!

He has stated that the antibody treatment he received will be immediately available to everyone; although the manufacturer has said it will take several months to have just 300,000 doses available – less than the number being infected in just one week.

Then he walks away from the stimulus negotiations. Why should people in need wait to buy groceries or pay the rent until he is re-elected? The House of Representatives passed a stimulus bill in May. Where is the Senate?

Admittedly, it would be a cheap shot to wonder if all his drugs are causing mental instability. But then again, his actions are not so very different from pre-COVID Trump.

The United States has 5 percent of the world’s population and 20 percent of the COVID-19 deaths. Vote!