Vote no on Daybreak, Propositions 427 and 428. The Fountain Hills Planning and Zoning Commission overwhelmingly rejected the Daybreak project. Look at the facts:

1. Developer originally included assisted living. It has been removed without income projection adjustments. They are building apartments.

2. Developer will drastically change the land use (Prop 428) by demanding numerous zoning waivers and concessions, conflicting with our General Plan.

3. Developer’s density claims are incorrect. They claim 6.7 units per parcel. Correct density mass is 16.7 units per parcel, higher than any resort.

4. Current zoning is for a resort, not a bunch of shoddy, crowded apartments out of compliance. Developer will sign a one-year warranty for the development; unheard of for these types of projects.

5. Daybreak will severely impact Fountain Hills infrastructure by increasing traffic up to 40 percent at a busy and blind intersection. The developer refuses to pay for/contribute to a traffic light, which will cost the Town a million dollars.

6. Developer’s financials are wrong. Daybreak will not generate “millions of dollars” in revenue. It may generate $100,000. A resort would generate much more annual revenue.

7. Here’s the clincher. When driving into our unique town, you see beautiful preserved land and a view at Palisades/Shea. Daybreak will take that away! You will see a crowded, unattractive, massive apartment complex built on 30-foot chopped and leveled hills with 57 feet of fill that takes away 11.3 acres of our cactus preservation area on an already crowded thoroughfare.

All of these facts show that Daybreak is inappropriate for the site and will not generate “millions of dollars” in revenue. Daybreak will end up costing the town money.

Read the facts. Understand why our friends and neighbors oppose this project. Vote no on Prop 427 and 428.