I am in complete agreement with Jamie Hansen’s letter last week regarding implementing new taxes just by calling them fees. I could have voted for the last property tax vote if it had been written reasonably and not like signing a blank check.

The summer series “Big dreams, tight pockets” reminds me of what my dad used to say about people who liked to spend OPM (other peoples’ money), namely those with a “champaign appetite and a beer budget.” A town council with such budget problems as to need fees for our basic needs should not be squandering money for consultants regarding roundabouts, or any of their other “big dreams.”

As far as I am concerned, the Splash Park is nearly brand new. How can it possibly be approaching its life expectancy? That also goes for the “aging Community Center,” streets and other items that just need a proper maintenance budget.

With the town approaching build out status, we probably do need to pass some further property taxes, but only if reasonably written.