In Ann Schweers’ letter to the editor for July 17, she states that, in her opinion, “a moral sickness is permeating many employees” of ICE and the border patrol.

Her problem is she is too willing to malign the whole of ICE and border patrol for the actions of a few. A misplaced overreaction. See my letter from Jan. 10, 2019.

Exactly how many is her “many?”

ICE and border patrol employ tens of thousands of personnel doing their job. These people are dedicated and trustworthy. Yet Schweers castigates.

Her “many?” When one cuts to the chase and actually gets the number (70), that number is a very small percentage of the whole. And the mole hill she attempts to turn into a mountain is pure bogus bias. Lack of numbers from Ann is characteristic of her approach, her method subjective.

Who does she think is protecting the United States and her? The bogeyman? Sure seems like it.

Certainly identify and if necessary indict those few, but to not besmirch the many excellent employees of ICE and border patrol.

Border patrol, its customs operation is instrumental in drug smuggling interdiction and has this year alone kept 3,500 pounds of fentanyl off U.S. streets, enough to kill a million people. That is fact, Ann.

Additionally, why did former President Obama have the appellation title “deporter in chief?” Numbers, Ms. Schweers, numbers. Continue without numbers and you continue in error. Also, continue with wrong numbers and you are still in error.