A fair balance? Not so fast.

In the legislature’s infinite wisdom they have taken away legitimate development fees from towns across the entire state. Any excess fees by a city or town could be handled by the developer and the city or town, individually, without state intervention. But no, the legislature knows best.

And what about tax breaks for developers that voters do not approve or even know about at times? Why hasn’t the state intervened in these cases? As far as fees levied by Fountain Hills called the environmental fee, it is $32 a year. Hardly a big burden. While in contrast the legislature passed a “fee” of $32 per vehicle, times 9 million registered vehicles, which amounts to $28 million. A fair balance? I think not.

By the way, Mr. Editor, you say letters that are personal attacks or complaints about neighbors, businesses or other letter writers will not be considered. Yet you certainly gave in to a legislator’s personal attack on a Town Council member.

Editor’s note: John Kavanagh’s column disputed comments made by a fellow elected official, but at no point was a personal attack made.