Once you sign a contract or other legal document, you are bound by the terms. After all, you signed it, so you must agree with it. When it comes to a referendum, the same concept applies. If you vote “Yes,” you agree with the referendum.

The November ballot will include Prop 207, the so-called “Smart and Safe Arizona Act.” That’s a catchy title. If you didn’t actually read the rest, you might be convinced that it was OK. After all, what’s wrong with “smart” and “safe?” If you read all 17 pages of Prop 207, you’ll find that it isn’t smart or safe.

The claim is that marijuana would only be legal for adults, not teens. But, there are no real penalties to keep teens from using it. The claim is that people would only be using the marijuana in their homes. But, there are no real penalties for smoking it in public. There would be only a “limited number” of licenses to sell it. But, isn’t this just a way of saying that the licenses will be limited to the small number of companies trying to get this initiative approved?

The claim is that legalization would allow adults to make the choice to use. But, do you think that the motive for legalization might have something to do with a profit motive? There is big money in marijuana. Remember the old saying, “Follow the money.” Follow the money, big money! Legalization would allow sale of “wax” and “shatter,” products which are manufactured for high potency (and highest risk of addiction). The initiative puts no limits on those products.

Prop 207 is neither smart nor safe. Please be smart and keep us all safe by voting no on 207.