Will you still perpetuate the lie now?

A possible second attack by Trump and his clan is being planned for Biden’s inauguration. Trump is still vehemently touting election fraud and stoking violence after the Capitol attack. The nation and its people have suffered greatly, and our reputation as being a beacon of hope for other nations has been tarnished forever.

People have been beaten, killed, threatened, harassed, and forced to resign from their jobs. Many in the White House are abandoning a sinking ship with threats of Trump's removal.

When is this nonsense going to end? Why won't you believe the facts? It’s time to take the Trump signs down. Trump lost, but so did our country. Stop the insanity!

Are you going to keep believing the lie? If not, there are and will be more consequences.

More division, hostility and death, which will further erode trust in our society.

Please stop the lies. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Consider the messenger. The messenger spreading the lie has a terrible reputation. Listen carefully to the words Trump continues to use which stoke hate and division. Just look at the state of our country. It’s not pretty, is it?