The nonsense continues. In last week’s Fountain Hills Times, Alan Magazine urged that the November art fair should be cancelled due to COVID-19. Very apparently, Councilman Magazine has little regard for freedom and individual choice.

How many very sick or dead persons do you know where the direct cause was COVID-19? None? Same here. I do know of seven who tested positive. Only one, a man of 73 whose medications have compromised his immune system, had any prolonged difficulty, though without hospitalization. His wife never contracted it. For the others, ranging in age from mid-20s to late 60s, it was a mild cold which lasted three days.

Where is this continuing paranoia coming from? The Deep State and fake news media. Governors felt that they had to “do something” to avoid criticism and went overboard. Six months later, we know it for what it is: mostly hype. Why permit the talking heads to convince you that what you know and see firsthand doesn’t apply, that only they know what is true? You don’t know them and likely never will. Why do you believe them when your own experiences and those of your friends don’t match up with what they are saying?

Are you willing to suspend your life or your livelihood to avoid a cold? Are you so afraid of dying that you cease to live? By now, what person does not know whether or not he is at serious peril from either flu or COVID-19? It’s for them to take precautions – if and when they see fit to do so.

We are Americans, not subject to royalty or other autocrats. Neither is our law knee-jerk determined by media-chosen “experts.” Lose the mask. Reassert your freedom. Failing to do so is a far worse national danger than any over-hyped virus.