I would like to refer to two recent letters.

“Another Term” starts, “If Ginny Dickey were campaigning for a state or national office, she and I might have our differences. But she is not. She is seeking another term as mayor. Her selfless service to Fountain Hills has impressed me. I have noted and admired the polite and informative responses to our citizens. She does not respond to the vitriol that sometimes is directed at her. She clearly deserves re-election.”

Most likely, the writer would describe himself as a Republican or conservative. He clearly understands what our local vitriolists do not. Because one does not agree with another’s national politics is the wrong reason not to vote for one who is doing an outstanding job as our mayor. The two purposes of local government are ensuring the successful supplying of goods and services and representing and involving citizens in determining specific local public needs and how these local needs can be met. This is accomplished within local government structures.

As delineated by the letter “Priorities,” Mayor Dickey continues to deliver on all fronts: Residents first, safe environment, financially balanced, economic growth and hometown character (maintaining our roads, buildings, iconic Fountain and beautiful parks.)

The Fountain Hills vitriol comes not from true Republicans/Conservatives. It comes from those in town who still think Joe Arpaio deserves to be our mayor and Donald Trump should still be President. Nancy Plencner’s recent letter, “Snowstorm,” actually suggested that because Joe Biden is President and because Cindy Couture was “only” a teacher, one should not vote for her for Fountain Hills Council.

The party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan and George H.W. Bush. These are true Republicans/Conservatives and they are all spinning in their graves.