Ms. Elder’s one-sided letter to the editor (June 8) identifies what is wrong with this election cycle in Fountain Hills. She fails to understand first and foremost that State Statute clearly identifies our town’s leadership election as a non-partisan event. You won’t see a party label next to a candidate.

In fact (by State Statute) if you are Independent, you can select a Republican or Democratic ballot, but there is also a separate municipal ballot for those who avoid party labels. Seems clear that this is non-partisan by all counts except for her and several others in town.

It goes both ways, too. The assertion that the mayor and other councilpersons are members of that “evil” Liberal Ladies group and therefore can’t govern independently is demonstrably false. She must have missed the recent Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting where Arpaio, Skillicorn, Toth and Kalivianakis all bared their souls in front of a seemingly disinterested crowd touting their party, their positions and their disdain for “liberals.” They have no intention of representing the thousands of citizens who are not “their kind.” Conversely, progressive candidates value all constituents.

Finally, I think she and others touting the same misinformation should review the voting records of current Council Republicans Spelich, Friedel and Scharnow. She will find that they more often than not vote with the rest of Council (unanimous votes) on the very things she dislikes the most, those feel-good projects.

Ms. Elder’s letter tries to make this election partisan. Her need for “partisan control” certainly outweighs logic. She seems to prefer representation of only the Republican residents in this town. Let’s hope that’s not the case, because that’s not what has happened for the last four years. Regardless of party, Town Council has been anything but partisan. And I thank them!