The Mike Lindell voter fraud symposium has predictably imploded and now it is time for the Cyber Ninjas to step up and admit they too have no voter fraud evidence. None. Nada.

The ballot counts have reaffirmed Sleepy Joe’s victory and now the state senate’s attempt to force the county to hand over the voting machines is nothing more than a lame attempt to further sow distrust.

Those of us who have training in computer networks, routers and switches know that physically examining the routers to verify the vote counts is like giving a baseball player a physical exam in order to confirm his batting average. It is a dodge, and it is time to step up and admit what we already know: there was no voter fraud in Maricopa County.

C’mon Cyber Ninjas. If Josh Merritt, Lindell’s “cyber expert,” can admit that they have no evidence of fraud, you guys can, too!