Here we go again. Norman Hawk wrote in last week’s paper that “science” says that masks may be the best way to fight coronavirus. That’s not what the scientists at OSHA, Dept. of Health and Human Services, CDC and the Surgeon General’s office said in March. Their scientists said not to buy them, that they were not an effective barrier to viruses. Ditto at least two valley doctors I am aware of. Is there something wrong with their “science?” I don’t think so. Masks are no novelty, having been around for many decades. As of March 2020, how much more was there to know about masks?

He also said that he had read numerous articles decrying the use of masks. Apparently, he missed the reality stated in them that if you’re not carrying a virus, you have no virus to spread. So, who is your mask sparing? We all know if we’re sick or showing symptoms, right? If you are asymptomatic, you are not coughing and sneezing, so again, from what does a mask save anyone?

There are millions of ways for one to contact that virus tactilely. Are any of you perfectly healthy folks wearing ugly, uncomfortable masks, therefore totally lacking the ability to spread any virus, thus protecting no one?

There is no longer any “emergency.” We know what the virus is and who is at risk from it. Common sense in a free society says let those at risk take such precautions as they see fit to take without hobbling the rest of us. As Americans, we have a choice. Are we to believe politically driven statistics and contradictions or do we choose to employ our native ability to reason, a trait which sets us apart from herd animals?