Over the last five years America has changed, and not for the better.

The change began when Donald Trump descended on his spout-lying escalator and told his audience to believe him, not the “fake news.” He and his sycophants began a daily diatribe of “alternative facts,” and Trump’s minions believed every word of it.

Fox News became Trump’s mouthpiece, and they gave him unlimited time to lie to an audience of millions. The Kellyanne Conways of his administration no longer had to be accountable for telling the truth. Most news outlets exposed their lies with fact-checking, but that did not sway Trump and his liars from creating an alternative narrative which became the new truth for millions of Americans.

So now we find ourselves with a raging pandemic with millions infected and 250,000 Americans dead because Trump’s lies allowed Americans to believe that the virus was not deadly. Most of Trump’s believers still don’t believe COVID-19 is real, and many Republicans refuse to call Trump out for his lies for fear that he will tweet them into oblivion.

This is the new America where feelings are real and facts are lies. There may be no going back to what America used to be.