The new proposed development at Shea and Palisades will negatively impact all of us in Fountain Hills who use Palisades.

Currently there are three neighborhoods that exit onto Palisades within 1/3-mile of Shea. Those developments contain over 200 home sites. In that 1/3 mile there are curves, hills and three exit/entrances from the three existing developments. Traffic is generally well over the legal speed limit and Palisades is a truck route.

Daybreak development – with their 400 new families, by their own numbers – would add over 2,500 trips each day; and since their southern driveway exit is only 700 feet from Shea Boulevard, the danger and bottleneck issues are obviously severe. There are no traffic controls in the newest Daybreak proposal.

Imagine the dangerous and treacherous driving conditions if Daybreak is approved and we have over 600 households exiting onto Palisades within 1/3-mile of Shea, a main road that allows us to exit Fountain Hills. I am totally for new development, but not when it endangers the lives and safety of our citizens. For the safety of residents, please join me in opposing this project.