Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous. And whether that someone or something is real or not, it can be a useful tool to motivate for action, to fight back, lash out and to restore calm.

And, as we have observed in the president, the Republican National Convention and daily now in TV and social media commercials, we have lots to be fearful of. Riots and looting, hordes of illegal immigrants, China, drugs, baby killers and gun confiscators appear to be taking hold on our society, threatening our country’s stability. The situation is depicted to be dire. We seem to be threatened all around.

Like you, I too am fearful. Admittedly, sometimes I am terrified. But my fear is decidedly elsewhere. It is the worry that if we do not have responsible and qualified leadership soon, we are lost. Leaders that work in the interest of our society as a whole while respecting differences. Leaders who are statesmen rather than politicians. Leaders who surround themselves with qualified and experienced persons.

My fear is that a president whose inaction has cost innumerable lives, a U.S. congressman convicted of multiple counts of ethics violations, a senator who supports the abolition of the ACA, a candidate for sheriff convicted of civil contempt, a county treasurer who employs a recalled state senator, and a corporation commission that consistently coddles one power industry be elected or re-elected.

Now, indeed, is the time to fight back and line the seats of power with qualified and honorable candidates who authentically respect law and order, the Constitution and science. We have an opportunity now to right our “Ship of State” and get on a sensible course out of the bizarro world we find ourselves in today.