It’s true, out of the mouth of babes.

My granddaughter said, “Nana, I am so sad.” I had to tell her sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. “Nana!”

Last week the Town Council meeting regarding the Daybreak development at the corner of Shea and Palisades was a perfect example. We fought clean and right. People said bad things about us, but we believed in our motives and defended them.

“But why, Nana?”

“Sydney, if you don’t stand up, it’s your fault.” Now, we are the adults and must teach by example.

Adults make choices for more money and opportunity for themselves. Some for power or greed and some just want to protect our friends and neighbors.

“But Nana, I am so sad, you didn’t save the mountain. My cactus? How will I know how to get to Nana’s house? Why did they do this?”

“Sydney, all I can say is I am trying my very best. It’s wrong! We all know. Please realize it’s just not for this generation, but for all of us that we keep Fountain Hills. I am trying! Sydney, we believed and we tried. We really tried.”

“But Nana, I am so sad!”

“Sydney, unfortunately, all of Fountain Hills will be sad with you. I love you, Sydney.”

P.S. Can they change their mind, Nana?