Our River of Time Museum tour was the appropriate place to visit this past Halloween weekend. Our daughter, Erika, and her husband, Larry, drove from their home in Phoenix to see what mischief we planned as trick-or-treaters.

Yvonne set us up with the huge movie screen to learn more about the Verdes, the rivers and dams, the wildlife, the history of Arizona settlers and the Yavapai Native American history. The film was so professionally sequenced and the use of close-ups and split-screen timing took only seven minutes to energize us for the full tour.

We all played with the sandbox. We never saw anything like it. It works like an architect’s tool to move land and water for experimental design projects. Pick up the paint brush and push some sand around. You’ll be fascinated!

Why wait? Visit the River of Time Museum before the crowds return. Learn more than I can fit into a letter in The Times. We love Fountain Hills.