Bob Shelstrom has proven over the years that his only true interest is to obfuscate, make false allegations and spout negative innuendo citing twisted and untrue data, seek self-aggrandizement and call undue attention to himself by attempting to throw all manner of monkey wrenches at our town officials, institutions and service providers.

What kind of person would unabashedly and proudly proclaim himself to be a “disruptor?” He masquerades behind a self-created veneer of claimed legitimacy and expertise in all things. This is simply an advance false credibility assault, intended to soften us up for his ensuing run at whatever public office strikes him as a viable, opportunistic target.

As a 20-plus-year resident, I hope the voters will again reject him just as they overwhelmingly did in his previous attempt to gain a foothold in order to wreak havoc as a member of the school board. We already have sufficient town problems for which solutions are being sought by mostly reasonable people. The last thing needed is to complicate their efforts and our lives by inserting this thorn into their side anywhere in local government. His self-description as a disruptor is inherently suggestive of wanton malevolence, and his demonstrated nature is predictive of a lack of cooperative intent. These should render any candidate unsuitable to hold office.

As in the game of whack-a-mole, he will doubtless rear his head in future, forcing us to repeat this conversation. Meanwhile, though, please return our experienced and capable Sanitary District incumbents to office: Butler, Maroon and Thomson, a.k.a. BMT!