There has been a significant hue and cry about the Town’s consideration of a roundabout at Avenue of the Fountains and La Montana. The two items mentioned most are the expenditure for engineering and pedestrian safety.

If one takes the time to investigate information readily available online, they will learn that roundabouts improve traffic flow, cost less and improve pedestrian safety. One excellent source published by the Washington State Highway Department:

I would like to point out also that this particular intersection has relatively low pedestrian use because people typically drive into parking lots for the Post Office and Town Hall. I know people resist the idea of a roundabout. However, statistics show that once people get used to them, they like the concept of a well-designed and executed roundabout.

As for the cost of an engineering study, our town was platted by a real estate development firm keeping cosmetics in the forefront of the plan. It is my opinion that had a professional review of our street plan during development been accomplished, we would not have the issues like those so prevalent at this location or all the poor sightlines at our other intersections, such as Boulder and Golden Eagle. If $70,000 will prevent a worse outcome, I say it would be money well spent.