I’ve been a season ticket holder with the Diamondbacks since their first game in March of 1998. Here’s part of the correspondence I sent to them this week.

After the completion of this season, I will no longer be renewing my season tickets. The actions of the MLB in the past week in pulling the All-Star game from Atlanta because of a voting rights bill in Georgia has caused me to no longer want to be a part of a racially dividing organization.

It hurts to see MLB bow to the pressure of the cancel culture mob and basically say to half of this country, “we don’t think your opinion matters and we no longer care about you.” Baseball, a sport that has done so many things in its history to move racial equality forward, has now taken a position of supporting actions to promote the racial divide.

At the same time MLB moved the All-Star game, they continue to make efforts to promote baseball-related business with China. They seem to have no issue at all with doing business with China and say and do nothing about a country that has no elections and a never-ending list of human rights violations.

The MLB has supported those who have fought tooth and nail to stop legislation that would penalize U.S.-based companies who do business in China using forced labor. I see MLB’s move as highly hypocritical and nothing more than posturing. Posturing because they fear the left mob and their ability to “cancel” them. Let’s be honest, the MLB does not fear requiring someone to prove you are who you say you are when you vote. They are hypocrites who only fear the mob on the left and their cancel culture backlash.