In a July 24 letter, Kim Ptak characterized letters to the editor which express opposition to higher taxes as “noise” and “misrepresenting information.” Kim attempted to support that opinion by personally misrepresenting information.

Kim referenced a prior letter which claimed that the “local Tea Party folks received signs from the Koch Bros” to oppose the proposed 2018 property tax and questioned why “The Times edited Tea Party out.” Allow me to correct Kim’s misinformation and applaud The Times for proper editing.

As some of you know, I have been a director of Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party since 2010. Hence, I have complete and factual knowledge about what the “local Tea Party folks” do and don’t do. I am also the person who created and who personally designed and purchased the white-on-red “Vote no new property tax” signs, which constituted most of the anti-property-tax signs. Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party spent no money for those signs.

There were at least three other anti-property-tax signs displayed around town in spring 2018. I did not design nor finance any of those signs. Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party did not design nor finance any of those signs.

Our Tea Party exists to provide information about matters of government, including taxes. On Feb. 15 and March 15, 2018, we addressed the proposed property tax. Americans for Prosperity-Arizona (AFP) staff were at the February meeting, at which they learned about the tax. Town Manager Grady Miller and Town Finance Director Craig Rudolphy were the guest speakers at our March 15 public meeting. So much for spreading “paranoid conspiracy theories,” don’t you think?

Consistent with its principles, AFP subsequently decided to launch an independent (green/white/yellow) sign campaign. People listened, weighed the facts and spoke loudly. That’s not “noise,” and that’s not B.S!