I’m voting for the former USAF Colonel, Martha McSally, for Senate because she’s honorable, hardworking and totally dedicated to serve this exceptional country. No side trips to China to make a fortune.

McSally last year tied for the most bills passed into law. She introduced legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs, started the National Veterans Treatment Courts to help improve the lives of veterans, and she helped write the legislation that gave families and small businesses help to get through coronavirus.

However, she is being accused, as has every Republican since the days of Reagan, that she’s going to take away your health care and Social Security. Remember these tired, repetitious Democrat ploys on Nov. 3 and flush them down where they belong. The barrage of negative commercials quote far-left sources, including the Republic’s Montini, who has never said a positive word about a Republican. Even Montini probably doesn’t want to be associated with these deceitful advertisements.

Let’s be clear: There isn’t a Democrat, Socialist or Republican Senator who will do away with the provision in Obamacare to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions. However, there are still many ways that the “Affordable?” Health Care Act can be dramatically improved, and that’s the direction lawmakers wanted to go. However, Mark Kelly is for a Socialist government takeover of health care.

Kelly, if elected, will be out with radical gun control measures and, like Biden stated earlier, he’d vote to raise your taxes. Former astronauts, Generals Stafford and Duke, USAF (Ret.), and Col. Lousma, USMC (Ret.) stated, “Having “astronaut” on your resume does not mean you’d be a good U.S. senator. Mark Kelly is hoping Arizonans are just impressed with his background.”

Remember, Kelly even supported Socialist Bernie Sanders. McSally has incredible determination, strength and grit, fighting exclusively for Arizonans.