So who is the hold-up artist in town? It has been reported in The Fountain Hills Times (June 12, 2019) that MCSO wants to be paid an additional $136,000 for certain administration costs of MCSO expended in Fountain Hills. This extracted additional cost by MCSO is being paid over protest of council members.

Question to Fountain Hills Council: How many times must one read the handwriting on the wall to decide to implement a Town Marshal’s Department?

Councilmembers Tolis and Spelich are advocating for creation of a Town Marshal’s Department.

When the first Marshal’s was abandoned by the town, the town was paying for two police agencies, both the Town Marshal’s Department and MCSO, at the same time; obviously, an economic overreach and needless duplication.

With the town not renewing MCSO’s contract, that will free up $4.5 million dollars in cost, which then can be used. And that use, at a decidedly lower dollar amount, should be to build the Town Marshal’s Department and other enterprises. Those other enterprises are important to come into existence in a capitalist’s effort to generate more bucks for the town.

When focused only on a Marshal’s Department, the town can build a well-funded, successful police force; a more efficient and cost-effective police force.

Golly-gee, Dad, why can’t we do it?