Let’s correct the bizarre typos in Gary Zuanetti’s abuse of the Platters’ song last week, shall we?

Oh yes we’re the Trump Republicans, the tax cut-receiving corporations, 1 percents and Trumpkins. Our need is such, we pretend too much, with visors covering every sensor.

Too real is this self-created feeling of make believe, so real we feel the need to deceive. Lost in the brainwashing lies, that we devise, they please us adrift in a world of our own, that denies the colorful diversity of our home.

As Trumpkins, “we have no shame, we just pass the blame and any wrong that we do, we just pass all the blame onto you” (Too appropriate to change. Thanks, G.Z.!)

Too real are the facts we choose to deny and conceal. Too denied by us is the truth we refuse to reveal, or see with any clarity.

Oh yes, we’re the Trump Republicans, with divisive rhetoric; destructive, divisive, displacing and heretic.

Leaving our values in the dust of our greed, dysfunction and power lust.