What would we do without the “wise” musings of Representative John Kavanagh? He seems worried that his world, and that of some of his friends, is being overrun by those fearsome Democrats.

Well, to some degree, he’s right. Two U.S. Senators and five of nine Congress members are Democrats representing Arizona in D.C. Two of five Corporation Commission seats are held by Democrats; the Arizona House and Senate are closer than ever to even-Steven. The Secretary of State and the Superintendent of Education are Democrats, and the Maricopa County Sheriff. What is the world coming to?

You see, Mr. Kavanaugh fears he’ll lose control. He’s sat atop the partisan bubble for so long, he’s not sure what he’ll do if he’s not in charge. So, he points to his hometown – where four of seven of those governing our community are registered Democrats – and he’s worried.

But not about the fact that Fountain Hills has had more than 1,340 COVID infections, that our rate per 100,000 is the same as the rest of the cities in the county for infections, and the reality is that our friends and neighbors are getting sick and some are passing away. He wants the Fair. He wants the Community Center open to group events. He wants laws to limit who votes (unless they are Republicans, I assume). His want for Fountain Hills to be a “conservative” community has nothing to do with anything except political affiliation. He never worried when the council was predominantly Republican and his wife was in charge.

Let’s face it, he just wants to be sure that what he thinks is what you should think. That way, he doesn’t have to worry!