Lacking the smiling deceit of a Barack, the Texas heritage of a Bush, or the politically inbred treachery of the Clintons, DJT was elected president for being the antithesis of them all. Illegitimately branded an outsider by the LOGs (lazy old gators), the Democrats openly condemned him because he committed himself to draining the LOGs from the D.C. swamp.

The Democratic LOGs hate him so much they set political trap after trap, and even with the help of deep state spies and the pro-democratic media, all they have snared is global embarrassment for their failed coup attempts.

President DJT prefers to orchestrate his own deals, choose the appropriate first chair players and then lead the opus from intro to finale. He has taken up the case for the American people so fast and so thoroughly that the Democrats do not have a platform to run on. DJT delivers what he promises.

Democratic LOGs no longer support working class programs like Social Security; instead they try to solicit voters by predicting the end of the planet, promising everyone free healthcare, education, daycare, and paying reparations. The Democrats’ plan starts with destroying our economy by shutting down the fossil fuel industry and all associated jobs, including American automakers.

The LOGs feel they are entitled to use divisive tactics and unethical means to vilify President DJT and the Americans that voted for him. From Russia, to racism, to recession the accusatory rhetoric has proven to be fake. Democrats can’t assemble a realistic and positive campaign, so destroy is their motto. The LOGs mottle the debate stage with dozens of talking heads repeating false statements about the President.

Savvy Americans see that collectively the Democrats’ obscene programs would destroy America. A president motivated by passion and service is better than any LOG.