What a terrible and gruesome time we find ourselves in, here in America. Having just observing “Sanctity of Human Life Day” in many places in our country, we now face almost daily state after state attempting to extent the abhorrent practice of abortion to the third trimester. Some even right up to the time of delivery, and even those who have little problem with the killing of the child after being delivered.

What kind of country have we become that such a practice could not only happen, but could be celebrated as something good? Life is precious; all life is precious. We are called to protect innocent life, we are called to take care of the precious lives that are here with us, and we are called to cherish the precious gift of life.

Life belongs to God, which makes it precious from the time of conception until time of natural death. May we quickly see where we are heading as a nation.

There have already been over 60 million precious souls that have paid the price for our wrong thinking concerning life. Now we are headed down a road to barbarism, and somehow there are actually humans who think this is a good thing. Lord, help us before it’s too late!