We should and do expect that our elected officials represent us and listen to us. However, for the Daybreak project, five councilmembers voted to approve the project despite Planning and Zoning Commission’s disapproval. They ignored vigorous objections and legitimate concerns of many Fountain Hills residents.

Happily, Mayor Dickey and Councilmember Spelich listened, took concerns seriously and voted against Daybreak. Public outcry against Daybreak almost rivaled the strident opposition to the proposed property tax in 2018. Voters spoke then with a strong “no.” Here we are again. Over 1,800 voters signed petitions in a few short weeks to get Daybreak on the ballot, providing the opportunity and obligation to speak strongly again. Speak! Vote no on Proposition 428 and vote no on Proposition 427.

Besides the reasons to vote no given in my statement against Proposition 427, here are some additional thoughts. Daybreak would forever destroy the natural hill and valley beauty of the landscape at a main entrance to Fountain Hills. Isn’t this one reason why people are attracted to Fountain Hills? Will we lose this welcoming sight every time we drive in from the west?

As mentioned elsewhere, the increased car and truck traffic is a definite concern creating a clear danger to the safety of drivers and passengers. It also would create financial liability to the town (we taxpayers). Existing guidelines (and common sense) indicate that the proposed intersection is too close to Shea. If the project proceeds and a serious accident should occur, isn’t it logical to conclude that the Town would be legally liable for negligence at a huge financial cost?

Mayor Dickey and Councilmember Spelich listened and correctly opposed Daybreak. Now is the time to speak strongly with and for your fellow residents. Vote no on Proposition 427 and no on Proposition 428.