Everyone wants schools to open and teachers would like nothing more than to be back in their classrooms. But because of the lack of leadership, we aren’t ready for that. We know what we need to do, the safety measures are well-known. Let’s fund them. Let’s make our schools safe for our children and get our economy opened.

I received a phone call from a parent of a school-aged child this week. She worries about the long-term ramifications the pandemic is having on the economy and also on her daughter. And, while she understands the important role our K-12 schools have in freeing up parents to work, she worries about the health and welfare of the teachers and staff she adores.

Let’s face it; our current elected officials in Arizona are not up to the task. From the Governor sticking his finger in the wind rather than leading, to the GOP majority in the state legislature avoiding responsibility rather than calling a special session, it is clear they have no interest in leadership or finding solutions to these tough problems.

I have reached out to the Mayor of Fountain Hills asking what our current state representatives are doing to help. Her answer was shocking and maddening; they haven’t even contacted her. Our current elected representatives should have used the past few months to fit our schools with sanitation stations and proper PPE. They should have ramped up testing. They should have been far more cautious in re-opening businesses in the state. They should have done so much and yet they have done so little.

In November, we can make some wholesale changes in Arizona starting with a vote for me, Eric Kurland. But, for now, state leaders, call a special session and get to work!