I cannot in good faith support players of the various sport leagues who choose to kneel before the American flag during the National Anthem. I can sum up that feeling with two words: The fans! The forgotten fan that buys expensive tickets, pays for the privilege to park, takes out a small loan to buy food/beverages and pays your exorbitant salary. It certainly appears you have not given the fan much consideration,

What these players fail to understand, however noble their cause, is the fan is pummeled with politics and news 24/7. It is unrelenting. The fan comes to the stadium to get a small respite from all this buffooning and the world’s mess. They come to the stadium to enjoy the sport they love and not have to be subjected to more of the same.

I would venture to say that if you took your protest outside the stadium, knelt or held a peaceful march that did not cause destruction and violence, you would get overwhelming support. Sadly, all you do with this type of action is project yourself as self-absorbed sports elitists. Elitists that make more money in one year than most make in a lifetime and receive the personal medical attention most can only dream of. Opportunists that just want to stir the pot rather than support a cause.

You may shape the kneeling however you want. It is, in essence, disrespectful. Disrespectful to those that serve, that take their hats off, that sing; and to the fan! Just giving the fan about four hours to cheer, support their team, have a nice day and go home feeling good would go a lot further than what you plan to do. Just about four hours to be able to breathe again; not much to ask.