With President-elect Joe Biden’s appointment of John Kerry as Special Presidential Envoy on Climate with a seat on the National Security Council, U.S. climate policy will emphasize deploying the military to adapt to global warming instead of deploying clean energy to reverse it, according Howie Hawkins, the 2020 Green Party presidential candidate.

“Kerry has long been a warrior for the oil and gas industry,” Hawkins said. “As a senator and presidential candidate, he supported the U.S. invasion of oil-rich Iraq. As Secretary of State, he promoted fracking worldwide. His World War Zero climate think tank has emphasized using military power to adapt to global warming over building clean power to stop it.”

At the State Department, Kerry expanded the Global Shale Gas Initiative he inherited from Hillary Clinton to 30 additional countries. In the Paris Climate Agreement agreed to at the end of 2015, Kerry led successful U.S. efforts to ensure carbon reduction commitments were not binding on nations.

Kerry was committed to the Obama-Biden administration’s “all-of-the-above” energy policy. In 2015 he promoted oil, saying, “I don’t see oil changing significantly, and I don’t think most of the market folks I talk to anywhere in the near term. And who knows if even ever, depending on what happens with these other market signals and choices that people make. Now, we’re going to be using oil for years and years to come in one fashion or another.”

On his way out the door of the State Department in January 2017, Kerry came out for new nuclear power plants. In July this year, Kerry got new nuclear power plants included in the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force statement on climate policy, along with support for developing carbon capture and sequestration technology, which would supposedly allow the continued “safe” burning of coal, oil, gas.