What’s this baloney about Mark Kelly delivering for Arizona? The television actresses are supposed to be small business owners from Arizona. If they’re for real, they can look forward to higher taxes, higher inflation, more bureaucratic regulations and forcing unions on their work force if the multi-trillion-dollar boondoggle is passed by both Houses in Washington.

As Kelly treats his constituents to silence, he grovels at the feet of Biden’s puppeteers and the rest of the Washington’s Socialist left. Kelly has quickly become one of the worst members of the exclusive Senate club of individuals who pick up their checks while finding new un-American ways of taxing and spending our money.

The most Senator Kelly is delivering is morning coffee to Chuck Schumer, talking about Biden’s horrendous bill that advertises all the free welfare programs that hard-working Americans are supposed to pay for because they saved their money, paid their own bills and didn’t rely on handouts paid for by the middle class. I mention the middle class because even left-leaning publications have stated the administration is lying about how only those that make $400,000 a year will pay for the conversion of America to a failed Socialist state.

Even the word “better” has become a dirty word. What could have been better when every ethnic group just two years ago had record low unemployment? The American Dream was available for all. Today, huge numbers have left the workforce, relying on expanded government welfare. There’s no pride in that! Speak to any East European who lived under Soviet Communist rule or a Brit who lived in a depressing society under Wilson in the 60s and 70s, with 25% inflation and the pound’s devaluation.

We Republicans and Independents have one chance and it starts with sending Kelly back to Texas.