I’m reminded of Ronald Reagan’s quote, “Here you go again,” with a character assassination on an upstanding member of the community and councilman. It didn’t work when Kavanagh paid for horrendously misleading ads demonizing now Mayor Dickey, and it won’t work against Councilman Magazine.

We need fact-based, practical solutions to our issues without partisan spin.

The column is full of hypocrisy and thinly disguised, tired partisan tropes and inferences, again trying to stoke fear into voters. Councilman Magazine has been one of the most reserved and pragmatic voices on the council, with no record of “excessive and unauthorized taxation and spending.” Magazine conservatively objected to the state mandating, but not contributing to the $100,000, 10-year Master Plan revisions.

Where’s Kavanagh’s concern when approximately $40,000 was spent on the lagoon study pushed by Councilmen Tolis, Yates and his mayor wife, or taxpayer money being funneled to charter schools with their CEOs making million-dollar salaries?

Kavanagh trots out the debunked myth of voter fraud, for which there is no significant statistical evidence, as justification for passing anti-fraud legislation. The hidden purpose of such legislation is known to suppress voter participation to benefit Republicans. If so concerned about voter-approved procedures, where was Kavanagh when local folks solicited money from the Koch Brothers foundation to flood the town with “vote no on the property tax” signs? Before that happened, I attended the town hall where the need for a property tax was spelled out in detail. Ninety-nine percent of the hundreds attending raised their hands when asked if they’d support it.

Where are his suggestions as to how the town is to pay for its needs without a property tax, or even “non-voter-approved fees?” Councilman Alan Magazine deserves an apology.