Mr. Lessig is to be commended for his baseball knowledge and enthusiasm. Hopefully, when he is old enough to retire, he can get a part-time job running up and down the stadium aisles, selling bags of popcorn!

As far as John Kavanagh goes, myself having owned property in this town and Rio Verde for the recent 40 years, I’m thankful and proud to have had such an outstanding U.S. State Representative as he. Not to mention his wonderful wife, Linda, serving many prosperous years as mayor of our fair town. It is an honor to have this truly civic-minded couple dedicate themselves so loyally to its citizens.

Our nation has just gone through an election which has split our country in half. Please remember that almost 50 percent of us, 74 million people, voted Republican. Ever since the new regime has taken over in January, a huge amount of socialistic, dangerous ideas are becoming realities to the worsening of a heretofore well-run government under its predecessor.

These new plans will all monetarily drain our nation. As has been said, “Socialism is fine, until the government runs out of money.” Don’t people realize that we are the government?