I could not agree more with the statements from Mayor Dickey and councilmen Scharnow and Spelich about representative Kavanagh’s actions in considering a proposal to impose a Public Safety Fee. Statute SB1487 passed in 2016. At that time our town had already passed and was collecting an environmental fee. Remember reading opinion letters opposing the fee? Some people refused to pay it.

“Senator Kavanagh was a key sponsor of SB1487.” It passed in 2016, as noted in the Times article. Did he not read or hear from his constituents at that time that they opposed the environmental fee? Why did he wait until now? Is it possible he is doing it for some of his constituents who were in the 34 percent that voted for the town property tax? Could this be a way of depriving the town of the fee that, combined with a new sales tax, increases the Town’s revenues by $4 million a year?

Career politicians sometimes run on name recognition only, and even run unopposed. I now want to address the 66 percent of the voters who opposed the town property tax.

Is it not time to vote in a new state representative for LD23 in the Aug. 4, 2020 Primary election? Joseph Chaplik from Scottsdale has announced his campaign for LD23 as a state representative for Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Rio Verde. I am paying for an ad this week with his permission. It is a copy of his announcement printed in the “Republican Briefs” (8/14/19). It explains who he is and what he stands for.

In the article, the writer made the statement, “Chaplik stands out from the field, including incumbents, with his staunch conservative values.” Isn’t it time for a change? We should back him for our state representative in LD23 primary 2020.