I am so excited. I just voted and my ballot will count. It hasn’t since 2012, when I lived in California.

I voted for Senator McSally for three reasons. I have been researching her and she is a woman of her word, a servant to the citizens of this beautiful Grand Canyon State that is now my new home. I have also called her office on issues and have received calls back from her staff.

I am impressed with what I see and have experienced while here in a state of common-sense thinkers, not like I had in my failed state of California. Everyone says, what does that have to do with Arizona? Well, if you endured what I have, you wouldn’t ask that question. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.

But just look at the visits from our President and administration here. That’s not just by chance. Those in California have their eyes on taking over Arizona. Please don’t let them. Get out and vote! Keep this state red. Let your voice be heard through McSally. She gets it done and not through lip service, as many leaders do.

For the sake of our children, get out and vote. My vote is with McSally!