A recent letter stated, “The nation's gaze is on Arizona and it is not in good regard.” Our esteemed legislature has offered up some two dozen “election protection” bills and is in the process of counting 2.5 million Maricopa County votes, one at a time, in an attempt to ferret out the “massive fraud” in the presidential election. Even Governor Ducey stood up for the “outstanding integrity” of Arizona’s entire election process in 2020.

Fountain Hills own John Kavanagh’s recent embarrassing appearance on nationwide television (CNN) solidified Arizona’s reputation for the most inept politicians; the inimitable Paul Gosar was recently declared the worst member of the U.S. Congress in two separate polls. Kavanagh stated there are problems from the election needing to be solved, whether there was actual fraud or ‘non-existent’ fraud. Previously, also on CNN, he said “not everybody should be voting. We have to look at the ‘quality’ of votes.”

Would Kavanagh have Arizona imposing literacy tests like in the South in the 1950s? An actual Jim Crow law asked of black Americans, “Does enumeration affect the income tax levied on citizens in various states?” Also, if you had 25 percent of what they called “Negro” blood, you were considered as such.

The Party of Trump has reason to be concerned. “Change is inevitable if everyone has equal access to the ballot. Count on it.”