This past Saturday, the gag reflex hit me – hard. On my TV screen I saw the Benghazi Death Squad trio together, again. That’s Barack, Hillary and Joe.

In a grotesque irony, this iniquitous group was the “honored” guests at the NYC 20th anniversary tribute to the murdered innocents in the Twin Towers and the men and women, first responders, serving our country/their governments on that dreadful terrorist attack on 9/11/2001.

A grotesque irony because years after that NYC attack, this trio – the Barack/Joe administration plus Hillary’s State Department – with depraved indifference, were responsible for the murders in 2012 of the Benghazi Four, men serving their federal government to whom this trio of death refused to render military aid, aid which was available and ready to go save these U.S. citizens. This was the start of this deadly trio’s march though our country’s history.

A grotesque irony because Joe, with callousness and determined not to let Barack surpass him in the number of innocent deaths, is currently responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents, U.S. citizens, U.S. allies in Afghanistan and 13 good and true military men and women serving our country/our federal government.

That gag reflex just hit me again – harder – because in the U.S. it is now acceptable to have these people as honored guests to remember those who died at the hands of murderers.