We encourage you to vote yes twice in November for the Fountain Hills School District Maintenance/Operations Override and for the District Additional Assistance Override.

The M/O Override will continue the needed support for all-day kindergarten, teacher salaries, professional development and a variety of student programs. Fountain Hills voters have long supported this additional funding, of which the outcomes are obvious: a district recognized nationally for great schools, including an A+ rating, by providing innovative student programs and high-quality extracurricular opportunities. Continuing the M/O Override will ensure district success and will not be a tax increase, all of the funding goes to Fountain Hills schools.

The District Additional Assistance Override does exactly what it says: it provides additional capital funding for Fountain Hills Unified School District needs that cannot otherwise be paid for by state allocation. It includes purchases like software/hardware improvements, textbooks, replacement furniture and equipment, special needs transportation vehicles and more. This is an extension of an existing tax and will not increase homeowner taxes, all of the funds go to Fountain Hills schools. It will last for seven years, an investment in the supporting infrastructure and tools that must be made to keep Fountain Hills schools A+.

Continue these investments in your hometown Fountain Hills schools. Vote yes in the Nov. 2021 election for the Fountain Hills schools M/O Override and yes for the Fountain Hills DAA Override! Continue this investment by voting.