If you are on Maricopa County’s permanent mail-in vote list, your ballots are coming to you in the mail for the Nov. 3 General Election. I’m urging every freedom-loving Arizonan to vote a straight Republican ticket.

There has never been a more critical election in the history of our country than this one. We must turn out in overwhelming numbers and, if possible, vote in person so that it is crystal clear on Election Night who the winner is.

With the exception of Pearl Harbor, never has American soil been invaded. That is no longer true as revolutionaries and anarchists burn, loot, terrorize and attack dozens of our cities for weeks on end. Arizona did not escape their wrath with smashing, looting and destroying millions of dollars of private property in Scottsdale. These are not peaceful marches, gatherings, or protests.

The face of America after Nov. 3 will be more of this unless we citizens take back our government on Nov. 3. President Trump is fighting for us, he must have another term to finish draining the swamp, make America safe again, stop the anarchy and open up the country, schools and churches closed from the coronavirus.

Early voting in Fountain Hills begins on Oct. 22 at Plaza Fountainside on Saguaro Blvd.