I disagree with John Kavanagh as he expressed his opinion in the July 03, 2019 Fountain Hills Times opinion page.

His tone says everything about the state legislature’s attitude about governing and how they see themselves as the “true” governing body. The Arizona legislature has continuously dictated to municipalities and townships to the extent those local governments are hamstrung in their ability to address their unique problems and issues with creative and appropriate solutions. Along with the dictatorial interference from the state legislature, the reduction in revenue sharing and imposing unfunded mandates, the proper governance from local elected officials is seriously interfered with.

To truly follow the will of the voters the state legislators must allow the local voters’ decisions to stand without interference.

It would be a more constructive approach for the state legislature to take a position to seek ways of working together with all local municipalities and towns to best serve their citizens rather than attack a town councilman who is trying to solve problems inherited because of a state legislature that thinks they know best.